Fame, Fortune, and Fornication

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Boney Beings and Spooky Ghosts
Session 1

When you reach the temple of five trials, a half-orc stumbles in goofily behind you. Pounder enrages with testicular-pounding fury and runs full speed toward the figure, only to be knocked unconscious by a single blow to his head from the half-orc. He doesn’t seem to pay too much attention to the gnome and introduces himself as Bill. You can tell he’s not the brightest, so you choose to use him as a large guinea pig and cannon fodder.

After examining the main chamber and viewing the mysterious symbols above the glowing doorways, the party chooses to first explore the yellow glowing room marked with a golden heart being pierced by a dagger.

The room is filled with cages of bone, and soon the half-orc sets off a magic trap that animates them to skeletons. As cage after cage begin to open and release the monsters, the party fumbles around flinging undead-seeking missiles and inaccurate bolts. Once the skeletons have crumbled to the floor back into a pile of bones, you begin to loot all four chests in the room. You find gold, a gem, and some jewelry. However, once all chests are opened, the room goes dark, and a Necrophidius slithers out of the cage centered in the room. Bill freaks out and chunks his battleaxe over it’s head, and Lothar stares at it’s Dance of Death and becomes paralyzed. You narrowly escape with your lives.

The yellow gem is placed in one of the main room’s pillars and it begins to glow. You choose to explore the white room with a symbol of a wormhole next, but not before resting for the night.

Inside the pitch black room, you see random apparitions floating around, disappearing on strange runes on the ground. As you follow them, you also disappear and reappear around the room. Not wanting to explore the darkness, the clever Elan’el throws dirt on the squares and begins to track and note its reappearance. Lothar does this same, but with gold coins, which pisses off Elan’el. As you get further into the maze, you begin to realize the apparitions are leading you to what you assume is utter destruction. Bill, ogling the beautiful spirits, nearly wrecks your plans to avoid the spirits, and you have to tackle him to the ground and lead him around the room by the hand. After smashing through a ghoul, you reach the chest with the room’s gem and head back to the main chamber.

The white gem fits perfectly into the empty space on the pillar next to the white door as you expected. It begins to glow as well.

As you set up for rest between rooms, you examine the still unconscious gnome. He’s breathing, but unresponsive. Lothar begins to stack gold on the little man, reaching his high-score of 98 coins!

Three rooms remain, none of which look welcoming. You discuss the possibility of revisiting rooms and decide that you may consider that option later. Tonight you rest and prepare for another trial. Bill uses the gnome as a pillow.

A Long Journey By Sea

You ship out from your respective hometowns on a small cutter to meet up with a mysterious ship in the middle of the foggy sea where you meet other adventurers. In the sleeping quarters of the ship you introduce yourselves.

Lothar: A half-orc barbarian full of rage and hungry for glory.
Streme: A vanaran rogue desperately trying to make a difference in the world.
Elan’el: An clever elf oracle with mysterious motives.
Pounder: A wiry gnome monk with an insatiable appetite for pummeling genitals.

You reach a lone dock on a secluded beach and follow fresh footprints south to the desert. In the middle of the desert you find an isolated stable with a strange old man who calls himself Ish. He explains that you’re to be tested in order to prove yourselves to be competent for another task. He sends you away to your trials promising riches and favor with his master depending upon how successful you are.

Before you begin your journey, he offers you a look at his inventory of magical items to help with your adventure. Each of you buy something you feel will be useful in your days ahead.

You reach the temple within a half-day’s walk.


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